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Discovering value in wine is real adventure these days. My Dad liked $3.99 a bottle as his high end purchase, but that was a little over thirty-five years ago.What does that translate to today? $8? Nope. $10? Not really. $15? Now we’re getting closer. I’d say about $18 in today’s market, and that would be a real value in wine. Continue reading “Value in Wine: What Should a bottle of “Vital for Palate and Planet” wine cost?” »

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finding Value Wine on a Budget

My ears perked up… like a deer. What I was listening to was the thought in my mind for a particular taste in wine. As I moved in the direction of action, I realized my wallet was not in sync with the thoughts spreading from my mind to my taste buds. The $18 for the bottle of wine I desired was beyond my budget for the day. What to do? Who to call?

I’ll confess that on dry wallet days, I’ve satisfied many urges by trips to Grocery Outlet. They get national closeouts at very low prices and pass them on at low markups. It makes for a very happy moment, but… that’s not ConsciousWine. Continue reading “Finding Value Wine on a Budget” »

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