Among the many marriages made in heaven, wine and food is one of the best. Here are our basic rules for wine and food pairing, and some video links to kick it up a notch.

3 Basic Rules for Wine & Food Pairing:

  1. Like goes with like
  2. Opposites attract
  3. Match the weight

1. Like goes with like:
When you pair a high acid food (ex: tomatoes) with a high acid wine (ex: Chianti) something special happens. Tasting a high acid wine on its own often highlights the wine’s tart quality. Paired with tomatoes or a dish featuring high acidity will lead to a little magic act. The wine all of sudden tastes mellow, and the fruit flavors of the wine often come to the forefront. For a great video to help you see this in action watch, “WINE MEETS LEMON.”

2. Opposites attract:
Speaking of lemon, how many people do you know who walk down the street, eating a lemon with a big smile on their face? Hmm, not so many… but to millions, not putting lemon on fish would be preposterous! Watch opposites attract in the video, “WINE MEETS FAT & SALT.”

3. Match the weight:
A light wine will be overwhelmed by a heavy food, and vice versa. Once you know the flavors in the food, you can pick a wine to pair with it by reminding yourself that “opposites attract” or “like goes with like.” The key point then becomes matching the weight. Head IN THE KITCHEN to watch Jeff and Samantha prepare a little food and pair it with wine.

The ConsciousWine bottom line: natural wine loves food! What if wine was meant to be an ingredient of a dish?

Discover how foods and flavors can alter your experience of a wine in THE WINE & FOOD EXPERIENCE. We take one wine and try it with a series of different food flavors. The wine ends up tasting like a variety of different wines. This video will have you teaching your friends!

Two Fun Tips:

Tip #1: When you try a wine you hate celebrate!

  • Don’t pour it down the drain nor give it away. Go to the refrigerator, find the nearest food with no refined sugar in it whatsoever, pop it into your mouth, get the taste of the flavor of the food, then try the wine again. Chances are you’ll like the wine! Try this a few times, and chances are you’ll feel like you found multiple wines you like. All from a wine that was close to going down the drain. A punch line to chew on: What if wine was meant to be an ingredient of a dish?

Tip #2: When you find yourself with a European wine and you don’t know what to pair it with…check the internet!

  • Check the small print on the bottom of the front label. Look for the town name of where the wine was made. Go to Google, or the nearest Search Engine, and type in the town name along with the word “restaurant.” When names of restaurants appear, click away, and see if you can find a menu from a restaurant. The phrase “Translate this Page” gets a click and abracadabra you can see what foods are available in the local restaurants where the wine in your hands is from. The foods and spices you see are very possibly excellent partners with your wine. No guarantees, but a good tip!

Tell us your favorite wine and food pairing tips or combinations.

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